Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dancers sent home - I'm not surprised.

Ben and Alek went home tonight. I totally knew that Alek was going home tonight and I'm not surprised. I was surprised about Ben, though. He has some amazing technique and so much potential. I'm not thrilled with his looks, but he could be made over ... haircut and styling, cooler clothes etc. I thought Jaymz was a gonner when he fell out of his turn and did that whimpy leap ... oh yea and when he fell off the stage. I would have sent him home.

Again, I absolutely loved Dmitry! That boy has some body movement goin on! Wow!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Favorite SYTYCD couples

Wow, I had a lot of favorites tonight. I actually think I liked Heidi and Ryan the best. The dance was hot and full of energy. Primal. I also really loved Benji and Donyelle ... always in my favorites. Then Ivan and Allison. She really smoked and put on a great performance and he really surprised me. Could he have been more in charge and connected, yea sure, but he was hot. Changed my mind about him.

I think it is unfortunate for Dmitry that he is not getting strong partners. Alex does not seem very versatile and is very manic. Dmitry is beautiful to watch. What a talent! Among my daughter's many styles of dance, she dances professional ballroom, so I'll be looking to watch him at competitions.

Travis is my other favorite. He always pulls it off in my eyes, despite any criticism he's gotten so far. I think he is flawless! Love him as the all around dancer so far.

Love Musa, but he just is not as versatile as he needs to be. Steamy and handsome. He has a charisma that I love to watch. Here's hoping for him, but I don't think it's there yet. Maybe some slick chreographer will scoop him up and give him some great training in company. I think he's got the goods, but needs more classes.

As far as girls, my absolute favorite is Donyelle. Could watch her dance for days. She is great! Heidi has a ton of spirit and I like her too. However, she also is lacking in technique in traditional dance. I saw one chine leap that should have just been left out of the choreography all together. Showed her lack of technique right there. Otherwise, I like her energy.

That's it for me today! Have a great evening.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another Great Video of Polina Seminova!!!

Check out this great video of Polina Seminova en pointe!!! It's the nineth one down on the page.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My favorite dance video Sting & Alessandra Ferri en Pointe

I love all styles of dance, but his video is especially great. Check it out: Alessandra Ferri and Sting

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Top 20 So you think you can dance!

Musa Cooper, Travis Wall, Stanislav Savich, Benji Schwimmer, Ivan Koumaev, Jaymz Tuaileva, Dmitry Chaplin, Ben Susak, Ryan Rankine, Jason Williams, Donyelle Jones, Natalie Fotopoulos, Joy Spears, Allison Holker, Ashlee Nino, Jessica Fernandez, Erin Ellis, Martha Nichols, Heidi Groskreutz, Aleksandra Wojda

My favorite couples so far are Benji Schwimmer and Donyelle Jones (Benji, you really brought it! That surprised me - Nice job!) and Travis Wall and Martha Nichols. Both are great dancers individually, but I didn't like them together. Natalie Fotopoulos has a great personality and her dancing was ok, but I'll hold judgement for future shows. She is in my top 5.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Rockette Audition - Important Info

Rockette Audition - Important Info for Dance Moms!!!!
Bathroom location. Look for this entrance on Rockefeller Plaza, near NBC, enter the doors and take a left, go down the stairs then take a right. The bathrooms are in the corner by UPS! The bathrooms are plenty, basically cleaner than a highway rest stop and they have potty seat covers. How much better can it get?!!! :)

Also, trash! There usually are no trash barrels in Rockefeller Plaza. Sometimes you'll find one in front of NBC, but they take that away often. There are trash cans at the same location as the bathrooms.

There is also an underground shopping area, restaurants and a food plaza through those doors. The shops include Anthropologie, J Crew, Sharper Image, Brookstone, the NBC Shop, and all the great shops on Fifth Avenue and more.

Dirty Dancing - A Reality T.V. competition!

Dirty Dancing - A Reality T.V. competition!

Women's Entertainment (WE T.V.) is taping Dirty Dancing, an original new series, this weekend, June 2nd-4th!

Dirty Dancing is an all new dance competition that combines Dancing with the Stars and the storyline of the hit movie Dirty Dancing! Six amateur female dancers are paired with six professional male dancers in a dance camp/ dinner theater based on the hit movie starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. This weekend we are taping the semi-finals and finale as we crown the Dirty Dancing champion... More at Women's Entertainment (WE T.V.)

Note: There is a rumor that Artem Chigvinsev from So You Think You Can Dance Season 1 is one of the six professionals on this show.