Saturday, January 28, 2006

Finally gone!

So glad that Master P has finally been voted off! Where he did have moments of looking like a good person, he definately squashed those when he started calling everyone 'haters'. Pleassssse. Just goes to show that I should not have second guessed that dance judge for being so harsh. He knew exactly what he was doing and is obviously more experienced than I. All I can say is poooor Ashley.

I am excited to see how everyone is progessing in the ballroom dancing. Jerry Rice (Who is getting a lot of exposure i.e. Miss America Judge), is actually doing a great job and has an outstanding attitude! Tia Carrere .... wow, girl that extra baby weight just dripped off you. You look great. Unfortunaly, it will take tons more training for her to get comfortable with dance, but it helped her out and that works for me. My fav is still is Drew and Cheryl. He really puts the performance into the dance and works really hard to dance technically right.

Monday, January 23, 2006

I like the mix of dance

I think it's great that Dancing With the Stars is mixing it up by including an exhibition of break dancing. CAN'T believe that Master P made it this far AGAIN!!! Well, good for him. Actually, Master P seems like a really nice guy. But, O.K. Master P, It's time to bring it! Let's see what you got! Drew and Cheryl are adorable together, but who knows who will win this season. George Hamilton is fun to watch simply because he's such a legend. Love the wrestling chic .... what long legs .... beautiful for dance. I really liked the news lady too. She was hot latin and has a great attitude! The soap star is good too, great legs and is beginning to move really well. These old ladies are inspiring me to kick it up! Haha. Actually, I did do about 30 seconds of the New York City Ballet Workout this morning. Go me!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Harsh Dance Judge

OK, the Dancing With the Stars judge was right about Master P's performance. He does need to leave the show. But, ouch! What a way to say it! ... a little harsh, if you ask me. Master P is the underdog and now I'm finding myself seeing his efforts and feeling sorry for him. He is starting to try ... a bit late ... but at least he's starting. He needs to leave the show, keep practicing with Ashley Delgrosso, who is so full of spirit and has a great attitude after getting stuck with such a problem (that would be Master P). Then they need to surprise everyone at the end of the show with a stellar performace by Master P (reentering him to the compeition, of course). That would be a good show! "Hey, Master P .... You owe it to Ashley to try harder! Oh, and you don't need a reason to be on the show. How about dancing for yourself instead of your 'people' or your 'sisters, brothers, uncles, deceased brother-in-law..... dance for yourself! Don't make excuses as to why you're on the show!" Enough already!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Dancing with the stars no longer about dance!

Wow, I'm shocked that Master P is still on the show. Good for him, however, in all honesty, he didn't pull the dance off. The show has just moved from a program showcasing what beginners can do in dance, to a social statement. Not good. All I can say is that I hope he really puts in the effort this week because I think that Tatum was putting in tons more effort and it's just not fair to kick someone off who is making effort because the other person, who isn't making a great effort simply has more "people" on his side. Wrong format for me. Don't get me wrong .... I'm glad Master P has a third chance .... I really hope he shows his "people" how to make a really good effort and tries harder than ever. While doing so ... please remember the title of the show "DANCING with the stars". Not, "Gansta show and tell." ... Not, "Dancing for Flood Victims". While we all feel for the tragedies that have happened, I think that "Dancing with the stars" is an escape that we watch to relieve ourselves from the constant bombardment of death, loss, and tragedy. Not every moment needs, or should be a reminder of depression and tragedy. Sometimes our minds just need to rest and think about happy things for .... gee, mayone one hour while watching a show about ..... hmmmm, let me think ......Dance? Give it a rest Master P and let everyone escape for an hour or two!

Dancing With the Stars 2

I have to say I was pretty disgusted last week when Master P didn't even try to dance. I was delighted this week, however, when he stepped it up and actually did half way decent at the Quickstep, which I am told, is one of the hardest dances in Ballroom. Master P gave a great effort and I was very pleased to see him try "for his people" (whatever that's all about)! It was great he tried, anyway. Unfortunately, he'll have to get voted off. There isn't anyone else who was worse. Although, I recognize his effort, I'd have to vote him off too!

My other problem with him is that he won't wear ballroom shoes. The first thing that great Hip Hop Masters tell people when they ask "How can I get better at hip hop?" is "Don't dress in ballet clothes when coming to hip hop class, wear hip hop clothes. You don't wear hip hop clothes to ballet do you?" Other tips do follow ... however, you get my point. It's like playing tennis with a baseball bat. Anyway, the guy should put a pair of ballroom shoes.