Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yes I'm still here

Well, college is over and my daughter moved to New York City last year. She got a great job and nice apartment with roommates, but had to work so hard at her job to pay the outrageous rents that she barely got to dance at all.

About eight weeks ago, she invited me to come and stay in her apartment. So we are now both living here. She is beginning to dance again, but still has a heavy work schedule.

Today's advice is to Dance while you're young.


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Deepika Singh said...

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Unknown said...

Hi! I only just started watching SYTYCD (am on season 2!) and was searching for forums/comments/blogs on the old seasons and found yours. I hope by now your daughter is established in the world of dance and loving what she does. If not, I hope she's found a viable career elsewhere.